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Ashlar Park Admin Building

This job consisted of a complete interior demolition of the existing 27,000 SF administration building which once served Quincy Hospital. All interior partitions were terracotta, plaster and lathe. During demolition we had to ensure dust was mitigated and did so by using water misters both inside and on the dumpster. Once our interior demolition scope was completed, we were able to start shoring activities to support the structural concrete waffle slab at various locations for the proposed slab openings. Each level had about 800 SF of slab to be removed. In conjunction with our trusted partner, MARR Shoring division was able to shore a location, disassemble it, and re-set up the shoring on the floor below within about a week. This was no small task, but our employees in the field were able sawcut and remove the concrete slab for the openings to get it done safely and on schedule. In addition to the above mentioned activities, we also had 500+ LF of concrete slab on grade plumbing that was cut, removed, excavated, and backfilled. This was a very interesting job seeing as it was the historic Quincy Medical Center and is now an apartment complex. 

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